A Rainy Day

for Percussion Quartet (2019) The sounds of wind, rain, thunder are recreated in a lively music picture, after which the scene moves to a pensive person who watches the storm behind a window. Here his ideas and thoughts mix together,… Read More »A Rainy Day

A me pare uguale agli dei

For soprano and string quartet (2016) The famous Sappho’s poem here is turned into music, which gives shape to our aural experience of the jealous act lived by Sappho. Soprano must sing the piece in the original Sappho’s language: ancient… Read More »A me pare uguale agli dei

Etude No. 1 for Timpani

Advanced etude for four (or five) timpani (2019). Pedaling, fine tuning, fortissimo rolls, phrasing, chromatic changes are the main challenges of this piece. Download it for FREE: