Pins and Needles: My Answer to Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 is definitely what took up most of 2020 in our lives and in our social world. The world of music industry has faced in this year a huge recession, with all-canceled live concerts, closed schools and no incomes for many musicians. Besides, the digital offer for music industry and music lovers grew up significantly.

However, one category suffered more from this pandemic: percussionists. Most of percussion students need school not only to have a safe and secure place where they can practice, but also to have the huge amount of instruments by which percussion world is made of. This pandemic meant to most of these students to have at home just one or two instruments, and thus a limited space for musical developement. Nevertheless, making music together was “out of order” for most of students. I decided then to compose a short piece which any student can play just with what he/she has at home. Just one player will have a “traditional” set-up, representing that lucky person who can have pro instruments at home.

I want to make this piece free for everyone, in case this inauspicious situation will blow up again, and thus having fun with just your hands, spoons, cans, tables and lids!

recorded on July 2020, Detmold Percussion Class

Full Score